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Protecting the Rights of

Students With Special Needs

Experience You Can Count On

The Firm caters to children with special needs and their families throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. The unique experience of the Firm's founding partner, both as a teacher who worked with students with special needs and as a school law attorney, will leave you feeling confident that you are receiving effective and compassionate representation.

The Firm was started with the core values of giving our clients expert legal assistance, attentiveness, and support through what can be an emotional time for your child and your family.  That means that in addition to vigorously advocating for your child when necessary, we also strive to provide our clients with practical legal solutions to quickly resolve disputes when possible, rather escalate tensions between the parties.



Individual Services


Special Education Advocacy 

If your child's education is being impacted by a disability that is not being appropriately addressed by your local school district, we can obtain the education your child is entitled to.


Student Rights and Disciplinary hearings

If your child is subject to serious disciplinary action, including HIB allegations, we can ensure that your child's rights are protected. 


School Law and Civil Rights 

In cases where a local public school or college has violated a student's Civil Rights, our office has the experience to obtain the legal relief you deserve.


Guardianship Actions

If your loved one is no longer able to care for him or herself, we can obtain guardianship on your behalf.

Firm News & Updates 

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