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02. Student Rights and Disciplinary Hearings

If your child has been accused of a violation of the student code of conduct, including allegations of harassment, intimidation, and bullying, it is important to ensure your child's rights are protected.  If your child has also been accused of an underlying criminal act as part of the misconduct, such as simple or aggravated assault,  it is of the utmost importance to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney because any admissions your child makes to school officials during any investigations or hearings can be used against him or her in any related juvenile proceedings.

If your son or daughter is being accused of a disciplinary infraction, time is of the essence so that a mistake does not affect your child's ability to go to college or find a meaningful career in the future. We understand the severity of the situation and work diligently to ensure that your child’s rights are not violated. 

If you need assistance with a school law matter, please contact the Law Office of Joseph D. Castellucci, Jr. today. We possess decades of experience in handling all school law matters. We are a boutique law firm practicing in Morristown, New Jersey with a focus on providing our clients with personalized and compassionate representation with driven results. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation: (973) 285-3253.

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